When our loved ones develop dementia, it can be a painful and confusing experience for everyone involved. You have been used to communicating one way for years, and now things are changing. It can feel as though you’ve lost the person you loved.

We have good news for you! Your loved one is not lost. They are inside a sort of shell, and the only way to draw them out is to communicate differently. At All Care at Home, we have extensive expertise in opening shells, and we’ve seen the beautiful difference it makes, even if the shell is only open for a few minutes.

We are going to use the next few blogs to share tips for effectively communicating with a loved one who has moderate to severe dementia.

Be aware of what you’re dealing with

As you probably know, dementia gets worse over time. Expecting your loved one to get better will bring disappointment, and in the worst cases, make you impatient with your loved one. Instead, resolve to love him or her wherever he or she may be. It will minimize pain for you both.

Avoid ‘baby talk’

Make sure you speak in a natural, calm, warm voice. If you use any other tone, you can come across as condescending, angry, or impatient. This lessens your chances for a positive interaction.

This is all we have time for today, but we will be back with more tips! All Care at Home is proud to be Colorado Springs’ Top Rated Local® Home Care. Contact us for premier home care and more today!

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