If you care for your parents or another elderly person, you may notice them becoming less and less the people you know and love. Not only is this painful, it can be dangerous. At All Care at Home, we deal with dementia on a daily basis, and we have learned that it doesn’t have to ruin relationships. In fact, it is totally possible to maintain a treasured relationship despite dementia. Our tips can help you!

In our last blog, we talked about handling good and bad days as well as eliminating distractions. Today, we have two more helpful insights for you.

Be patientdreamstime_xxl_24355874

This is the hardest thing to do – we understand this very well! The good news is, if you give your loved one time to process what you say, you will all have a nicer time. If you’re getting frustrated, take a moment to breathe. Getting frustrated doesn’t help your loved one think better; in fact, you’ll slow everything down even more by getting upset. If you live with your loved one, let our professional caretakersĀ give you the break you need!

Avoid pronouns

When you’re the one talking, avoid “he” “she” “them” and other pronouns. Instead, use people’s names. It may feel like you’re repeating the names too much, but you’re empowering your loved one to follow your train of thought. Go ahead and overuse those names!

Each professional caretaker at All Care at Home has the experience to make life the best it can be for your loved one. Contact us for world-class home health care in Colorado Springs!

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