Dementia is a very upsetting disease, because it seems like a destructive force that cannot be stopped. Watching someone you love change into someone you don’t know is incredibly painful. It also makes living day-to-day difficult and sometimes impossible, especially if you are a primary caretaker. Being willing to reach out for help is essential, and at All Care at Home, we are ready to provide the loving assistance you need.

We’ve been exploring important tips for talking with someone who has dementia. In our last blog, we discussed avoiding pronouns and being patient. Today, we have two more essential tips for you!

Don’t over-correctdreamstime_xxl_29235791

Expect your loved one to misunderstand and say things incorrectly. It can be significantly frustrating. Resist the urge to correct stories or finish sentences. Focus on having a pleasant time rather than making sure everything is accurate. At the end of the day, that is what matters!

Stick to one topic at a time

If you notice your loved one has trouble maintaining multiple trains of thoughts at once, don’t worry. Simply talk about one thing at a time. You will enjoy the conversations more and avoid a lot of frustration.

Keeping your loved one safe and comfortable is easy when you help. If your loved one needs care, don’t try to provide it yourself. Instead, turn to All Care at Home for affordable, professional home care. We will dedicate ourselves to bringing up your loved one’s quality of life. Contact us today to learn more about the non-medical services we can offer you!

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