Getting old is rough – there are many physical ailments that crop up. However, some of the worst ailments happen in the brain. When a loved one develops dementia, it gets harder and harder to stay connected. Additionally, watching someone you love disappear into themselves is extremely painful. The good news is, there are many things you can do to have great conversations with a person with dementia. We’ve tried and tested the tips we’re sharing, and you can rest assured that they will make a difference!

In our last blog, we suggested you refrain from over-correcting your loved one and stick to one conversation topic at a time. Today, we are going to finish up our tips with two last ones!

Invest energy in the conversationdreamstime_xxl_25541526

If you don’t understand what your loved one is talking about, it can be easy to just smile and nod. We encourage you to politely communicate that you don’t understand. By investing necessary energy in the conversation, you will keep your connections deep.

Show that you’re listening

Make sure your loved one feels heard by using nonverbal clues to indicate your attention. Make eye contact. Learn forward. Smile. These forms of communication are usually more effective than verbal. The further dementia gets, nonverbal communication may be the only option you have.

Keeping your loved one comfortable and happy doesn’t have to all fall on you. Instead, turn to us for elder care. We are here to meet each and every non-medical need. Contact us today to learn more!