It can be tough to see your grandparent, parent, or aunt begin to need elder care at home. You’ve seen them for so long as the strength that holds the family together, but now they need your help with daily tasks like dressing, getting around, and feeding themselves. At All Care Home At Home in Colorado Springs, we understand how difficult this may seem, but it’s important to keep the positive in mind. You’re going to be able to give your senior the life they deserve. While you’re working out all the details, here are six reminders on how to handle elder care in your home.

Elder Care Reminders

The decision has been made and you’ll be taking care of your senior in your home. What do you need to know? Most new caregivers assume their loved one will be able to take care of themselves and communicate when they need something. The opposite is most likely true. Here are 12 reminders:

Preserve elder independence as long as possible

This one may be difficult, but the more independence you can preserve for your senior, the better. Denial form your elder and assumption from you can create a rocky relationship when it comes to at home care in Colorado Springs. Let them be independent with what they can handle and assist them where they need it.

Be gracious with going against their wishes

Your elder is an independent person who’s going through a transition like a teenager does graduating high school. This is a whole new world to them. Remember, be gracious with your requests and actions. 

Remind them they are important and useful

It can be easy to write your elder off. They need your help more than you need theirs; however, it’s important to remind them how important, useful, and wonderful they are. Without this constant reassurance, your loved one may fall into anger, depression, or anxiety about their situation.

Treat your elder with dignity

It’s common for first-time caregivers to treat their elders like children when they’re not. They simply need help. They’re adults with wisdom, knowledge, and experience. Treat them as such. Ask questions. Make requests. Incorporate them into your life.

Don’t forget them

You may think that since your elder is in their room with the door open and the television on that they feel a part of the home. In most cases, elders become lonely and depressed when they don’t get to socialize a lot. Remember, they’re around the house all day, stuck to their routine. You can come and go as you please, see friends as you wish, and make new memories outside the walls of your home.

Give them your time and attention

In combination with the last reminder, give your elder time and attention. These are the two most valuable currencies when it comes to making sure they’re taken care of socially. Involved them in activities, events, and outings as much as you can. Spend time one on one, too.

Elder Care Assistance in Colorado Springs

If you and your elder need assistance with at home care, All Care At Home in Colorado Springs is here to help. We are passionate about making sure you and your loved one get they lives you deserve. Ready for a consultation? Contact us today!