In a study observing aging in the US, it was found that 85 percent of seniors have done nothing to prepare their home for when they grow old. When you are still at an age where the long-term is at a distance, you may buy a home for its stainless steel appliances and the brick oven on the patio, but considering specific features is important to how you age and stay safe and independent longer.  

Staying independent is one of the main goals for seniors, and at All Care At Home we provide just that. Our home care services include preparing a senior-safe home. Learn more about how to create a safe home environment for seniors.

Stay Safe, Stay Independent – Non-Medical Home Care

When living alone as aging seniors, it can bring up concern for safety and security because seniors are more prone to accidents and injuries, where a even a hip fracture can be mean the end of living independently or even be fatal. Below are ways to keep a safe environment in each room of the house to increase safety and quality of life.

General Safety

There are some safety features to look for in a home, so if you have an opportunity to seek out homes that have the following:

All basic living needs on one floor – When you have the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry on one floor, this avoids stairs where seniors are prone to falling.

A bathroom with a walk-in shower – A walk-in shower equipped with a bench or bars and rails to hold onto is much safer than a shower with a bath. Because you have to climb up and over the tub, it creates instability and subjects one to fall. 

Additional safety that can be easily addressed includes:

  • A fire extinguisher in every room
  • Sturdy rails
  • Avoid rugs
  • Keep electronic cords tucked away
  • A raised toilet seat
  • Install extra lighting

The Bathroom

The bathroom isn’t inherently dangerous but it can leave seniors subject to injury because of the frequency it is used, combined with small areas and slick surfaces. Have non-medical home care professionals come in and help adjust a few things for a safer bathroom including:

  • Always have a nightlight on at night
  • Avoid bathing alone
  • Place a non-skid surface at the bottom of the tub or shower
  • Have guard rails and safety bars installed
  • Turn down the hot water temperature so it cannot exceed 120 degrees F
  • Install a lock that can be opened from both sides

The Kitchen

As we get older, the kitchen can be a common place for accidents because we forget the stove top is on or try to reach dishes high above our heads. Stay safe in the kitchen with the following:

  • Mark all appliances, clearly, in the on and off positions  
  • Store sharp knives in a caddy or rack, not a drawer
  • Keep the floor free of clutter
  • Avoid rugs
  • Store hazardous cleaning chemicals in a separate area, away from food

A senior safe home takes a few adjustments, but in doing so it protects them and creates a safe and secure environment when you’re not in the home.

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