Although they may need specialized care, most senior citizens prefer to stay at home. They like the familiar environment, and they don’t like to be treated like a burden. Unfortunately, most senior citizens do their best to avoid assisted living due to their own desire to be independent. What most families don’t understand is that the livelihood of your senior depends on their ability to take care of themselves. When they lose some or all of that ability, it’s time to consider at home care in Colorado Springs.

Six Tips For At Home Care

Everyday Help

Friendly Check-Ins – Remember that although your senior wants independence in their daily lives, you still need to check in with them throughout the day. Friendly check-ins help monitor your loved one without encroaching on their independence or desire to be alone. The best way to check in on them is to have a reason other than making sure they’re okay. For example, maybe you ask them to help you fold laundry. Maybe you need to restock the toilet paper in their bathroom. These and other reasons are viable to check in regularly.

Chores And Errands – Instead of trying to do it all yourself, hire someone to help with laundry, dishes, cooking, and more. Do you need a home repair? Call a local handyman to take care of it for you. You need to pay attention to your loved one and make sure they live the best life possible.

Buy Meal Programs – A senior citizen in your home can be a daunting undertaking. Not only will you be taking care of you and your needs, but you will be responsible for theirs, too. This isn’t the same as raising kids. No, it’s a little bit different, and, in some cases, more difficult. Buy meal programs to make preparing or providing food easier for you and your loved one.

Home Caregivers

Hire In-Home Nurse Or Therapist – If you have too much to do, but your loved one needs help with their health or physical therapy, you may need to hire in-home help. This isn’t a sign you can’t handle it. It’s simply a sign that your loved one needs more from you than you’re able to give right now, which is normal. Adult Daycare – In some situations, you can register your senior citizen for adult day service and take them to a location to enjoy themselves while you head to work or take care of errands. This is like daycare for children, but the staff are professionally trained and the activities are more fitting for your loved one.

Health Aides – A nurse can show up and take care of your loved one’s vital health needs like a physical, medication, and more. But what about the medical needs in between these sessions? Home health aides are a great way to supplement an at home caregivers efforts to give their loved one the best possible life.

Your Top Rated Local® Home Care

Your loved one deserves the best life possible. When it comes to at home care in Colorado Springs, you want to give them what they need to enjoy their life. All Care At Home offers at home non-medical care assistance to caregivers in the area. Contact us to book your consultation today!