dreamstime_xxl_35026060 (1)As loved ones get older, hard decisions become inevitable. If you’re starting to wonder if a parent needs help to get through the day, you aren’t alone. Many families are trying to find the best options for supporting beloved parents during a difficult time of life. They don’t want to jump to an assisted living facility, and it may not be time for a nursing home yet. That’s why All Care at Home exists! We bring the care to your loved ones, allowing them to stay in their homes and live life to the fullest.

When you’re considering getting help, it can be challenging to know when to say “go.” How do you know it’s time to enlist professional help? We’re going to share some common indicators.

Personal care is being neglected

  • Have you noticed they keep wearing the same clothes? Do they smell like they haven’t bathed? Does their hair look greasy? Has it been combed recently? Do you have to remind and help them consistently? All of these are signs that personal upkeep is sliding and they can’t keep it up themselves. The good news is, it’s easy for a caring professional from All Care at Home to come around and help.

Driving problems

  • Does their car have new scratches and dents they can’t explain? When you ride with them, do they go below the speed limit, tailgate other cars, or have trouble staying in their lane? You’re getting clear indicators that they need a boost with the basics, and it doesn’t always have to come from you. We are ready to jump in and make life easier for everyone by being present, compassionate, and knowledgeable.

Quality of life is huge for all of us, and living at home as long as possible is important when it comes to the elderly. Turn to us in Colorado Springs for excellent elder care.