Life has many different seasons. If a loved one is getting older, it is hard on everyone. Many families avoid facing the fact that an elder is losing the ability to maintain his or her quality of life. It’s painful to admit, and it’s easier just to put it off. However, if people knew how many quality, affordable options are available, we think they might reach out sooner. Many people assume that needing help means moving out of their homes into nursing homes or assisted living. That isn’t the case! All Care at Home is here to provide custom care within the home.

That being said, there are undeniable signs that it’s time to reach out to us for help. In our last blog, we discussed how changes in eating habits or daily maintenance are warning signs. Today, we have two more signs that we can help out.

Troubled financesdreamstime_xxl_5783878

  • Most elderly people won’t let you know when they’re having financial trouble. You need to watch for piles of bills, calls from creditors, tons of receipts, thank-you notes from charitable foundations, and any evidence of scams. If you see these signs, it means your loved one is having trouble remembering to maintain finances or may have been tricked by someone trying to take advantage of him or her.

Safety issues

  • We all worry about our elders falling and having accidents. There can also be issues with medications, standing up, leaving the oven or stove on, and struggling with stairs. If your loved one’s home has become a danger zone, it’s definitely time to contact All Care at Home. We can help your loved one make the most of living at home, and will do everything we can to keep him or her there.

When it comes to in-home elder care in Colorado Springs, All Care at Home is proud to lead the way. Let us make life better for your family today!