Like all of the programs that so set us apart from all other home health agencies, All Care Transitions works to keep patients safe and healthy while providing the home care needed for hospitals to be in compliance with the Affordable Care Act. We understand that this may look different for each client, and we sit down with you and your family in order to discuss any concerns, needs, expectations, or questions you may have so that we can provide the best, most efficient care possible.

In order to ease our clients into the home life, the All Care Transitions program will match you with a caregiver who will best fit your needs, lifestyle and personality and will be consistent for your entire transition. In this program, your caregiver will visit with you for 3 hours at a time, helping you become more self-sufficient while helping you around the house.

We start our visits off at 6 times per week, and taper it off according to your individual need, usually following the schedule:

  • Week One: 6 Visits
  • Week Two: 5 Visits
  • Week Three: 4 Visits
  • Week Four: 3 Visits
  • Week Five: 2 Visits
  • Week Six: 1 Visit

Affordable, effective, and comprehensive, our All Care solution enables you to live better and more confidently, knowing you have a professional who can help you get back to self-sufficiency and avoid re-admittance. We conduct a weekly assessment while you are in our care in order to assess the program’s effectiveness, your response to it, and the likelihood of re-admittance. If we find something lacking, then we work with your caregiver in order to find the most effective solution. By partnering with professionals in the health care community, you are able to get the kind of comprehensive care you can count on.

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