1. How To Help Dementia Patients Manage Sundown Syndrome

    Big behavior changes in dementia patients often come late in the day and the early evening as the sun goes down, and is called sundown syndrome or sundowning. The symptoms can range from becoming agitated, anxious, and upset to confused, demanding, or disoriented. Sundown syndrome not only affects those with dementia but those who care for them. At All Care At Home, we provide skilled and empathet…Read More

  2. Is It Time to Consider Home Care? Part 3

    Life has many different seasons. If a loved one is getting older, it is hard on everyone. Many families avoid facing the fact that an elder is losing the ability to maintain his or her quality of life. It's painful to admit, and it's easier just to put it off. However, if people knew how many quality, affordable options are available, we think they might reach out sooner. Many people assume that …Read More

  3. Is It Time to Consider Home Care? Part 1

    As loved ones get older, hard decisions become inevitable. If you're starting to wonder if a parent needs help to get through the day, you aren't alone. Many families are trying to find the best options for supporting beloved parents during a difficult time of life. They don't want to jump to an assisted living facility, and it may not be time for a nursing home yet. That's why All Care at Home ex…Read More

  4. Communicating Despite Dementia – Part 5

    Getting old is rough - there are many physical ailments that crop up. However, some of the worst ailments happen in the brain. When a loved one develops dementia, it gets harder and harder to stay connected. Additionally, watching someone you love disappear into themselves is extremely painful. The good news is, there are many things you can do to have great conversations with a person with dement…Read More

  5. Communicating Despite Dementia – Part 2

    Dementia doesn't just affect the person developing it - dementia affects everyone around them. If you have a loved one with dementia, it can be a long, difficult road, especially if you are his or her primary caretaker. At All Care at Home, we fully understand what a frustrating, painful struggle it can be. That is why we step in with trained professionals to offer world-class care. Though we are…Read More